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With few information about domain access module, i installed in my site, Am not aware how to

manage content for multiple site,

main site : http://happylife.in (drupal installed here)

Sub domain http://devotional.happylife.in (i am not installed drupal here, simply index.php)

while posting selected domain is http://devotional.happylife.in

But i am getting Error,

Internal Server Error i am not sure, how drupal will show this content in http://devotional.happylife.in

without any installation in sub domain,

For your reference check this site,

http://happylife.in,click this article, about Venkateswara Temples.

Now page redirect to http://devotional.happylife.in/node/32 ,

and displaying Error Internal Server Error

How to handle content for mutiple site in domain access module.

what steps i should follow,

advise me

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I think you've configured your virtual hosts improperly. The domain module works by pointing one or more domains at a single Drupal instance, rather than copying Drupal into separate file structures.

In your example you need to make certain that happylife.in and devotional.happylife.in are both pointing at the same Drupal installation.

For reference, the complete documentation for Domain Access.

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if i share the table, then b site not using the its own table, . –  vlk Jun 3 '11 at 5:12

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