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I'm using Eclipse 3.4.1 with Hp/UX plugin for remote debugging of C/C++. It works very fine, except for one issue: whenever I compile my projects, the output display is Eclipse's console view, but when I run or debug any projects, the output window is the old and not-so-good MS-DOS command window. I haven't find any way to change this behavior.

How do I set the execution output display to Eclipse console?

Update: Environment: running Eclipse 3.4.1 on Windows XP and debugging C/C++ applications on an HP/UX server.

CDT version is 5.0.0.

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You might like to add info about your environment. I was sure you sat on Linux until you mentioned MS-DOS windows.. – sharkin Mar 12 '09 at 12:48
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Which version of CDT are you using? Because from this "hello world" guide it seems the spawner.dll pretty much handles this console redirection for you.

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Thought my CDT version is pretty recent, the strange solution of deleting the spawner.dll file solved the problem. Thank you very much. – Paulo Guedes Mar 16 '09 at 13:22
That is unusual, but I do find it to be case that certain open-sourced projects ignore problems in their non-core users. Not intentionally, but because they don't setup any thorough tests for these cases. So it doesn't surprise me that a bug from 3+ years ago would come back in the latest version. – dlamblin Mar 16 '09 at 17:09

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