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I want to write a few simple @helpers to use in several views. I want them to be inside a Razor .cshtml file (not in a c# class) to have the HTML syntax highlighted.

I can easily access @helpers written within the same View, I can separate them into Helpers.cshtml, and if I put this Helpers.cshtml into an App_Code folder I can access it from any View via @Helpers.MyHelper(). But I want them to be accessible only for a few pages.

I think, it could be like putting a @using if the helpers are in c# class, but what is the namespace for just another view?..

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Sorry, but that's not possible with helpers stored in the App_Code folder as .cshtml files. They will be shared among all views.

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thanks. I've just named it more specifically and put in the App_Code. –  Shaddix May 22 '11 at 12:31

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