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I have a form with many input fields on it, some with validation. I use the default validation plugin in MVC 3. If the server response is slow, the user may click to submit another time, which may cause undesired behavior. How to prevent this? I've tried injecting code in the .submit event of the form, but this event is raised even if the validation fails.

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You could check whether validation succeeded and disable the submit button:

$(function () {
    $('form').submit(function () {
        if ($(this).valid()) {
            $('input[type="submit"]').attr('disabled', 'disabled');
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Really simple. Thanks –  Quang Vo May 21 '11 at 7:57
thanks, was looking for a way to see if a form was valid. –  Peter Jun 7 '11 at 12:55
This worked perfect! Even on a form which had both client & server side validation, it prevented the user from submitting the form multiple times by accident! Thanks :) –  Jesse Webb Nov 2 '11 at 19:53
@Darin Dimitrov can you plz have a look at my question stackoverflow.com/q/8255511/335105 –  John x Nov 24 '11 at 11:30

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