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I have the following 3 tables


id    name
1     john
2     dave
3     eve


table1_id    table3_id
   1            2            
   1            3
   1            5
   2            2
   2            3
   2            4
   3            1
   3            5


id    title
1     blue
2     orange
3     green
4     yellow
5     black

I'm trying to select each where table3.title = (blue OR orange) AND (green OR black)

so that the output is


This is my query so far that won't get this job done:

FROM table1 
JOIN table2 ON = table2.table1_id
JOIN table3 t1 ON table2.table3_id =
JOIN table3 t2 ON t1.title = t2.title
WHERE t1.title IN ('blue', 'orange')
AND t2.title IN ('green', 'black')

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

UPDATE One more question :)

How to select each where table3.title = ('green' AND 'orange' AND 'black' AND '...')

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If I'm getting your question right, you're close:

FROM table1 
JOIN table2 t1_link ON = t1_link.table1_id
JOIN table3 t1_data ON t1_link.table3_id = AND t1_data.title in ('blue', 'orange')
JOIN table2 t2_link ON = t2_link.table1_id
JOIN table3 t2_data ON t2_link.table3_id = AND t2_data.title in ('green', 'black')
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Awesome! This solved my question 100%. Thanx! – fl0w May 21 '11 at 9:12
One more question.. How would the query look like when I want to select each where table3.title = ('green' AND 'blue' AND 'black' AND '...') Thanx in advance! – fl0w May 21 '11 at 9:30
Replace the in clauses as you need. You can also place the two in a where clause if the two conditions relate to each other. – Denis de Bernardy May 21 '11 at 11:11

Not sure if that fits your need but you might wanna try this:

SELECT DISTINCT, table3.title
FROM table2
LEFT JOIN (table1, table3)
ON (table2.table1_id = AND table2.table3_id =
WHERE table3.title = 'orange' OR table3.title = 'blue';

You might wanna get rid of the DISTINCT which right now just ensures that each name is shown only once.

cu Roman

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Thanx for your suggestion! It almost fixed my query but I'm still wondering how to select each where table3.title = ('blue' OR 'orange') AND ('green' OR 'black') Thanx in advance! – fl0w May 21 '11 at 9:00

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