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I have a set of images ordered in sequence that the user can navigate. Since the images can be of any number, to help navigation, there is a 10 image (fixed number) thumbnail strip in the UI that maps the original set of images (sequence numbers, say Img_1 to Img_569 to to an equally spaced (as much as possible) set Thumb_1 to Thumb_10 (corresponding to the 10 thumbnails). Thumb_1 should correspond to Img_1 and Thumb_10 should correspond to Img_569. What is the best way to do the mapping.

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int imgnum = 569;
int thumbmap [10];
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) thumbmap [i] = imgnum * i / 9;

thumbmap [i] is the index of the image for thumbnail i. i

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I would just do a simple mapping unless there was a compelling reason not to

int imageCount = 569;
int thumbCount = 10;
float stepSize = (float)imageCount/(float)thumbCount; // use a float to avoid error accumulation

for(int i =0; i < thumbCount; i++)
    thumbs[i] = images[(int)(i*stepSize)];
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