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How can i make a gtk.Image that is made from an list of gtk.gdk.Color.

color_list = [gtk.gdk.Color(100*i,100*i,100*i) for i in range(10)]
image = gtk.Image()
draw_image_from_list(color_list, image)

I need that procedure and the image would be just one column of pixels:

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Here's a widget that almost does what you want:

It's a gtk.DrawingArea instead of a gtk.Image, but I decided against using an image since they are more meant for displaying image files, not for drawing on. It displays the colors in a horizontal bar 128 pixels wide and 10 high, but that should be easy enough to change. And finally, it does it from an array of numbers, not of gtk.gdk.Color, but it looks like you generate those from numbers anyway in your example.

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