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So I'm getting problems when trying to make in iPhone app in Xcode (version 3.1.4)... I'm trying to use the ExternalAccessory Framework but it didn't exist in my System/Library ... /Frameworks directory. Is there any way to get it or a place to download it? I tried to upgrade to Xcode 4 but I was unsure of how to transfer my old projects to there and after much frustration ended up just staying with the only version, perhaps I should try again?

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After installing Xcode the ExternalAccessory framework should be located at: /System/Library/Frameworks/ExternalAccessory.framework – Anne May 21 '11 at 11:26
Yeah... problem is that it isn't, maybe a reinstallation? or is there a place where I can download that framework directly? – riqitang May 21 '11 at 14:51
Like Sean I too am missing ExternalAccessory.framework from /System/Library/Frameworks. I have searched the entire drive to no avail. I have XCode 4.3.3 installed. All sources suggest that the framework should be there so offer no solution if it is not. How do I locate this framework so I can proceed with my project? – davidfer Jan 12 '13 at 0:20

Having run into the same problem with XCode 4.3.3 I bit the bullet and installed XCode 4.5. Fortunately my project wasn't broken by the upgrade (as has been the case in the past) and the ExternalAccessory library is now available.

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In the project navigator, select your project Select your target Select the 'Build Phases' tab Open 'Link Binaries With Libraries' expander Click the '+' button Select your framework

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