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I have this code :

$("#box1").load(""+ siteAddress +"page/internal-url-1/");
  $("#box2").load(""+ siteAddress +"page/internal-url-2/");

  var refreshId = setInterval(function(){
     $("#box1").load(""+ siteAddress +"page/internal-url-1/");
     $('#box2').load(""+ siteAddress +"page/internal-url-2/");

  }, 10000);

i only get load result form "internal-url-1", the "#box2" keep empty, it doesn't load the content.Any body know how to fixed this ??

Thank you guys...

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why u using var refresh ID ? no need to write same code twice, later one is perfect –  diEcho May 21 '11 at 11:42

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its seem that code is ok, but may be the timer problem because 1000 ms = 1 second so 10000 ms = 10 second and the time to load the page is greator than 10 seconds so that is why the box2 is not loaded. its just an assumption

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