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I have this .gitignore file:

# Ignore wordpress

# Except the wp-content folder

But when I change something in wp-content the changes aren't listed by git status, and if I do

git add wordpress/wp-content

I still get a warning .gitignore contains /wordpress/ and so doesn't add the changes. Why is this?


I'm on OSx, running git

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I don't believe that you want to ignore the wordpress directory itself because there are some things in the wordpress directory that you do want to track. You only need to ignore most of the top-level paths in the wordpress directory.

This .gitignore should be sufficient.

# ignore most things in the wordpress directory

# ... except the wp-content directory
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Oooh, of course. I did not get the difference between ignoring a folder and ignoring the contents of the folder, but not the folder itself. This worked, thanks! – Jasper Kennis May 21 '11 at 12:15

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