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I have been playing with the Facebook Graph API since yesterday and it is pretty good, however, I have been searching around the web for some method of resuming a session. That is, once a user has gone through the authentication (of allowing an app to use their data), logging in automatically when they open the app (or even providing a login button).

I have found plenty of posts on FBSession and using [session resume]. The problem is, these have been removed. What is the new method of resuming a users session and logging in?

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After succesfully logging in your Facebook object will have the token values in

[Facebook accessToken]
[Facebook expirationDate]

Save these values (I recommend NSUserDefaults).

The next time the app starts, restore them with

Facebook.accessToken = savedAccessToken;
Facebook.expirationDate= savedExpirationDate;

Then is [Facebook isAuthorized] to verify if the token is still valid, if it is, you can consider yourself logged in.

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My application using below API has past session after once authed. It should be reference to learn how to do it.

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