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I want to store the date of an event in my database, but I want to do so without storing informations about seconds or anything smaller than seconds. Using Rails, in my migration I have the option to create a date column or a datetime column, the first one of which is too less accurate, and the second one is too much (up to the second and less). Which type should I choose to store such a date? Currently I'm using datetime and setting the seconds to a fixed value (e.g. 0) manually each time some date is set in the model.

Something like this:

self.date ||= Time.now.change(:sec => 0)

Am I totally out of track? Should I just use an integer field for each component of the date instead? (year, month, day, etc...) Or is datetime the correct type but I'm not understanding the purpose of it? (I think it's meant for timestamps and such things where seconds matter)

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Yup, datetime is the correct type. Your only other option would be varchar or just a plain old timestamp/int column. But those all have other drawbacks compared to datetime and you will still need to manually drop the seconds off the value. –  Abhi Beckert May 21 '11 at 11:56

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datetime is the correct type. And be sure to store it without time zone at time zone UTC:


At your option, use an SQL trigger to round your date to the minute on insert/update. It'll simplify your ruby code.

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