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I am interested in developing a PowerPC emulator for my own learning purposes. I've found a fair amount of resources about programming in PowerPC assembly, but after quite some time looking, I haven't been able to find an instruction/opcode mapping table anywhere yet. Of course, I need the opcodes to be able to write an emulator. Where can I find one?

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Here's one: http://pds.twi.tudelft.nl/vakken/in101/labcourse/instruction-set/

EDIT: This one's better: The Programming Environments for 32-Bit Microprocessors

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Thanks for your answer! –  Delan Azabani May 21 '11 at 13:15
Your second link is behind a login. –  thirtythreeforty Jul 14 at 16:25
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I did some more hunting and found documentation on IBM's website. This page links to three books of documentation, of which the first one contains all relevant information about PowerPC instructions.

I was initially confused by seeing that many instructions all had the same OPCODE field value, and thought, "How will we distinguish the instructions then?". However, in section 1.7, "Instruction formats", many of the instruction forms that are used throughout the architecture actually have a two-part opcode; the first part being the six-bit OPCODE field at the high end of the instruction, and the second part being a field called XO, which contains extra identification for the opcode. Its size and location varies depending on the instruction format.

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If you're on a Mac, check out /Library/Application Support/Shark/Helpers/PowerPC Help.app, or choose Services -> ISA Reference -> Lookup PowerPC Instruction.

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Unfortunately I'm not on a Mac. Though I do have one, oddly, I couldn't find it on there. Do I need to have Xcode installed or something? –  Delan Azabani May 23 '11 at 10:16
I would guess that you probably need the developer tools installed, since it's in a folder called "Shark", but I'm not certain. –  Ken May 23 '11 at 15:10

The latest spec is the Power ISA book, available here. It has plenty of tables in the appendices.

PPC opcode table

Note that the ISA fluctuated a bit over time, so it might be best to find the doc for the specific core you're going to emulate.

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Thanks for your answer! –  Delan Azabani May 23 '11 at 10:15

This is online PowerPC instruction encoder/decoder

It helped me in one of my project a lot.


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