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I am trying to make something look like following (don't concern color here. my concern here is the shape); enter image description here I tried something with following code but didn't succeed!

      <style type="text/css">

        #header{border:3px solid gray;padding:10px;}
        #header-left-container{border:1px solid gray;float:left;width:30%;}
        #header-right-container{border:1px solid gray;float:right;width:69%;}


      <div id="header">

        <div id="header-left-container">
        <div id="header-right-container">
          bla bla bla.....



I know this can be done with table easily but I don't wanna use table in my application where I can do the same with div elements.

any suggestion here?

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your code looks fine...

Just Add clearfix after floating divs so as they will be contained inside the parent object like:

<div class="clearfix"></div>
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What you need to do is clearing the area arround the 2 floated divs. Doing this by modern technuiqe is giving the parent the property of Overflow:Hidden or Auto (what ever fitting you more. I recommend hidden)

In the past people user clearfix (google on that). Todays we use that approach.

As well people used to put clear:both after the creation of the two elements. That has a negative side- 1 more element in the dom.

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I have added an updated version - jsfiddle.net/j4DnG/7 with little more style and better css selectors writing :) –  neoswf May 21 '11 at 13:03
jsfiddle.net/j4DnG/8 and another one. Now with a small css reseter as a best practice approach implementation :) –  neoswf May 21 '11 at 13:06

You need to add overflow:auto; to the #header css; without that divisions don't expand to contain floated elements.

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<br style="clear:both" />

after second div. Or make the container div float: left. Or use one of the css frameworks if You don't want to become css master before You create a webpage. One is http://960.gs/

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thanks. it really worked. but when I have done what @Steve said, it also worked (adding overflow:auto; to my #header div). what is the difference? –  tugberk May 21 '11 at 13:45

Do you use firebug? go on twitter.com and see how they have defined a left and a right container is the style sheet . They're not using table to implement it. just div

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Just replace the float: right; declaration with a margin-left: 30%; declaration for #header-right-container. You don't need to float both of them. This way, you will only need to clear floats if the left block is taller than the right block. See this fiddle.

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