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I'm developing an App in iPhone and a version for Android.

The iPhone version of the App uses a Tabbar on the bottom of the screen (for other screens / ViewControllers: Home, Favorites, Search in a list, ...).

I want to make the layout of the 2 versions of the App (the one for iPhone and the one for Android) the same as much as possible according to the best layout guidelines.

Android App's usually uses not a tabbar, but it's with a SubMenu. But, I find more an more Android App's that uses a tabbar at the bottom of the screen in stead of a submenu for handling this. I know that a TabBar on the bottom of the screen is not usual for an Android App and may seem strange for those users.

So, what I want to know is may it be OK to use a tabbar like iPhone at the bottom of the screen, or is it NOT DONE for Android? (Also according to screen use optimalisation and the android UI patern guidelines : by this I mean uses the mast of the screen for the App itself and not for navigating through the App).

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The equivalent Android pattern for the 'Tabbar' is 'ActionBar', you can find more information on this widely-used pattern here: Android Patterns - ActionBar

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Thanks a lot! This is a very usefull link –  pinyin_samu May 24 '11 at 22:09

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