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I'm trying to display in a subplot two things

1.a segment of a signal on frames-on subplot(211) 2.the values of some formants -on subplot(212)

And I do this for a number of frames.I'm using "pause" for displaying frame by frame.

And here is my problem:

The first subplot is displayed frame by frame,but on my second subplot the frames are added to the previous ones so I can't really succed between the values of the formants.

Can someone help me to have on my second subplot the formants only for the current frame and not to be added to the second frame!

Here is my code:

for k=1:Nc





     y1=X(pos:pos+50-1);%calculez coeficientii filtrului folosind metoda lpc

    ffreq=sort(atan2(imag(r1),real(r1))*Fs/(2*pi));%converteste in Hz

     fm1=[fm1 ffreq(3)];

    ft1=[ft1 pos/Fs];






 xlabel('Time (s)');

 ylabel('Frequency (Hz)');

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Looks like it's just not refreshing fast enough. Use drawnow before the pause. That should probably fix it.

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Not that's the problem!!!I'm trying to display also the second subplot in frames but it is just added to the previous frames....I wanna get displayed only the current frame...just like subplot 1 –  embry May 21 '11 at 14:14
I used drawnow and is just the same! –  embry May 21 '11 at 14:16
i'm having a hard time understanding you... you mean you want subplot1 and subplot2 from the same iteration to be in one figure. instead you're getting subplot2 in the next figure? i don't see how that can happen from your code here.. –  user564376 May 21 '11 at 14:28
in the same figure! I'm reffering to the frames that I want to be displayed in the second subplot.As you can see in my program I'm analysing everything frame by frame.So at one moment in time in the subplot 1 I have displayed the current frame of the signal and in the second plot the formants for that signal.At the next iteration(which comes after I press pause) in subplot1-I have the next frame of the signal...and here is the problem:in the second subplot I have the current formants but also the previous frames...so the time scale comes smaller and smaller as soon I move to the future frames –  embry May 21 '11 at 14:38
I think you're not waiting long enough for the while loop to finish. In your hurry you're pressing a key (thinking it is pause) when actually it's the while loop that is taking time. So when you press a key prematurely, it plots the second subplot, and then goes to the next iteration and plots te first subplot... that's why you see two things from different iterations in your plot. At later iterations, the while might be taking lesser time. Maybe try entering the line disp('it is ok to press a key now\n') before the pause line and press a key only when that message comes on the screen. –  user564376 May 21 '11 at 15:00

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