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I currently have a program that finds and edits HTML files based on finding a tag with a matching id.

I would like to extend it to find a tag that has matching InnerHtml (disregarding capitalization and whitespace)

What is a good way to use Html Agility to do this? I would like to do it using Html Agility because the rest of the program is using it.


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Hey, I notice there is an HtmlAgilityPack tag... for some reason, I can't tag this (probably lack of rep), but it might be helpful to others if this question was tagged with it. - Cheers, Scott. – Scott Ferguson Mar 3 '09 at 22:00
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Rough shooting it here but you should be able to do something like this:

            HtmlNodeCollection nodes = doc.DocumentNode.SelectNodes("YOUR_TAG_SELECTOR");

            if (nodes != null)
                foreach (HtmlNode node in nodes)
                    if (node.InnerHtml.ToLower().Trim() == "YOUR_MATCH")
                        //success routine
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I think this should be node.InnerHtml, not node.InnerText :) – Alex Baranosky Mar 3 '09 at 23:26
Ahh yes my apologies I read matching text in the original question. Corrected. – Pat Mar 4 '09 at 1:43

We've done this using Regular Expressions. Something like this works for us:

private static List<HtmlNode> GetMatchingNodes(string xPath, string pattern, HtmlDocument htmlDocument)
    List<HtmlNode> matchingNodes = new List<HtmlNode>();
    foreach (HtmlNode node in htmlDocument.DocumentNode.SelectNodes(xPath))
    	if (Regex.IsMatch(node.InnerHtml, pattern))
    return matchingNodes;

Hope this helps. :)

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