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Right now, when I insert an image into a slide, powerpoint keeps a copy of it and doesn't change the image when the parent file on disk changes.

How do I link an image to the file on disk so that everytime I change the file, the corresponding image in the slide also changes.

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From PPT and Images:

Add a link to an image file:

If you link to an image file rather than embed the image, any changes made to the original file will be reflected in the presentation.

Click in the slide where the linked object or embedded object will be placed.

On the Insert menu, click Object.

Click Create from file.

In the File box, type the name of the file, or click Browse to select from a list.

To create a linked object, select the Link check box. (An embedded object is created if you don't select the Link check box.)

To display the linked object or embedded object as an icon — for example, if others are going to view the file online — select the Display as icon check box.

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Creating an object is the heavyweight way to do things, or can be.
Instead: Use PowerPoint's Insert, Picture, From File command.
Browse to the picture you want to insert. To the right of the Insert button there's a downward arrowhead. Click that.

Now depending on your PPT version, you'll see two or three options. Once is a straight link. That'll produce a link to the image file that'll update whenever you open the presentation and PPT finds that the image has changed. And unless you take special steps, the link will break if you move the file, leaving you with a red x instead of an image.

Recommended: If you have 2007 or later, there's a Link + Embed option. That embeds the image in the presentation file (no broken links/red Xs) but still checks the original to see if the embedded image needs updating.

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This works. Is it possible to update the powerpoint slide without closing and opening powerpoint? Something like the F5 command when updating an internet browser. –  Rasmus Larsen Sep 19 '14 at 11:04