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I have create an HTML page, with the tag (proper for playing HTML5 mp3 audio).

The problem is that I have links with anchors, and Internet Explorer 9 browser is playing back the audio from start: each click on anchors to the same page is restarting the music.

The links are:

< a href="#bio" > Biography < /a>

< a href="#contact" > Contact < /a>

The anchors are:

<a name="bio"></a>
<a name="contact"></a>

and the audio tag is

<audio id="hello" src="hello.mp3" controls preload="auto" 
autobuffer style="display:none"></audio>

How can I avoid the restart of the music when user clicks on links with anchors?

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Your anchors should be <a id="bio"></a>, name was deprecated in HTML4, let alone HTML5. –  robertc May 21 '11 at 19:25

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@robertc, nice!

Replacing anchors' name property with id did the trick!

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To be complete: IE fires the Document.onLoad event when following a link to a name="", whereas they do not if you use an id="" . Moz / Safari / Chrome / Opera don't fire it in either case.

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