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Categories (Catogory_ID,Categories_Name)


In code are FK's and its PK's

Question 1

What i required is to create a view using all these three tables OR a sub query to get the Catogory and Sub_Catogory names as its ID's

Question 2

In exec what will be more faster ?

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A single query that pulls together data from all 3 tables would look something like this:

select u.*, c.Categories_Name, s.Sub_Categories_Name
    from Users as u
    left outer join Categories as c
        on c.Category_ID = u.Category_ID
    left outer join SubCategories as s
        on s.Sub_Category_ID = u.Sub_Category_ID;

This could be made into a view or simply run as is. As for performance, a materialized view might perform faster than the ad hoc query performing the joins upon each execution. But I wouldn't try to optimize along those lines unless you're seeing a performance problem. If the ad hoc query is fast enough, don't worry about optimizing it.

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