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Facebook docs are quite sparse on this:, see "Searching".

It is possible to search against several object types, but it is not clear which specific object attributes / fields / columns (whatever you call them) are being searched.

Which specific attributes / fields are being searched for each object type?

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from my experience with search api.

  • type=pages searches index of name and description

  • type=group searches index of name

  • type=event searches index of name and description

  • type=user searches index of name

  • type=post searches index of message

There maybe more included, these are just from my observation.

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I think that the fields extractable with:

are depending on the object you want to search. They are those you can see if you request:

If I search

I will obtain for example the object with ID "114198018660591", so I can only search for these fields:

"id": "114198018660591", "name": "Troy", "picture": "", "link": "", "likes": 2418231, "category": "Movie", "can_post": true, "talking_about_count": 17956

obtained with (

Therefore I can do a research like:,name,category&access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

but NOT like:,name,category,website&access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN

also if the field "website" is recorded in some object data.

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type=group currently returns an empty data array since May.

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