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I'm developing a Solr plugin and using the Solr test-framework I place a test SOLR_HOME dir under test/resources with /conf/ and /lib . Now the framework inistantiates a SolrCore and loads my plugin from /lib. Not an issue to output the jar of the plugin to /lib, but the issue is that the plugin is not yet available since it still needs to past the test (chicken and the egg).

How do you recommend solving this? I see those options:

  1. Create another project for the tests with a dependency on the plugin, and in it run the tests. Simple enough, but how do I ensure that everytime the plugin is built also the tests of this other project is built? The point of the automated tests at every build is to having a new plugin jar which breaks the tests.

  2. In dp4j pom.xml I build the project on 2 phases, in the 1st I <include> only the annotation processors while in the other I compile the tests which rely on the annotation processors compiled in the eariler phase.

I'm in favor of 2 since copy-pasting the configuration doesn't seem a bad option, and makes it seem less complicated than it probably is. I don't remember if I had asked about it here - what do you recommend? Any other case studies /working code to look at?

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there's a 3rd. most probably best solution ~ do nothing! I was under the impression that the Solr Testframework need to load my plugin from /lib but apparently it doesn't need to, it can load it from test-classes, all on its own!

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