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I am writing a web app using PHP Codeigniter. I receive input that can be in any language and I save it in my DB.

The MYSQL DB collation is set to utf8_unicode_ci. For codeigniter in the database.php I have set this:

$db['default']['char_set'] = 'utf8';
$db['default']['dbcollat'] = 'utf8_unicode_ci';

When I run the following insert on my DB:

insert into user (name,id) values ('John Temirtaş', 2)

I get this error:

Incorrect string value: '\xC5\x9F' for column 'name' at row 1

There is a problem with the s. Its a turkish character.

So far I have tried this while debugging

John Temirtaş

print_r("Encoded Name: ".utf8_encode($name))
Encoded Name: John TemirtaÅ

print_r("Decoded Name".utf8_decode($name)
Encoded Name: John Temirta?

print_r("Decoded-Encode Name: ".utf8_decode(utf8_encode($name)))
Decoded-Encode Name: John Temirtaş

I have tried saving John TemirtaÅ in the db and it works fine. So I think I might utf8_encode($name) before saving it in the DB and utf8_decode before displaying it. Just doing the latter will NOT work. YOU NEED TO ADD mb_internal_encoding("UTF-8"); to the top of your php script.

How do I encode the data properly so that its inserted?


  1. Open up MySql work bench. Set the character encoding and collation of the user table. Charset: utf-8 Collation: utf8_unicode_ci
  2. Set the collation of the name column to utf8_unicode_ci. Done. The insert should work.

Thank you for all your help.

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Make sure your file encoding where you make insert query also in UTF-8 –  Anatoly Orlov May 21 '11 at 22:45
@Anatoly I added mb_internal_encoding("UTF-8"); at the top of the page but it did not work. –  Prashant Kandathil May 22 '11 at 17:06
I have added your self-answer to your question. In the future, please add any relevant information by editing your question (look for "edit" link), instead of posting it as an answer or comment. Good luck with your situation! –  Wesley Murch May 22 '11 at 18:37
Save you php file in UTF-8 encoding. You must set encoding of your php file in editor. e.g.: then your save php file in notepad, your must choose UTF-8 encoding in options. –  Anatoly Orlov May 22 '11 at 22:05
@Anatoly I use Notepad++ to edit my code. Are you saying that I should set the encoding of my php file to UTF-8 there. Sorry I might be misunderstanding, why code be editor dependent. –  Prashant Kandathil May 23 '11 at 0:13

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Before running your insert query, try running the following query first:

mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'");

and seeing if that helps.

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You did everything okay. I am from turkey and in every project I develop I am checking these things:

  • Is my php file saving with UTF8 encode?
  • Are my tables and its fields collated with utf8_unicode_ci

Do not change codeigniter's "char_set" and "dbcollat" options.

If you do these, there should be no problem.

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what do you mean by my "Is my php file saving with UTF8 encode?". How do I ensure that? –  Prashant Kandathil May 23 '11 at 9:17
simply open the php file with notepad. Then File > Save As. Ensure that the encoding type beneath the file name input box, is utf8. It should be ANSI for default. Or you can use notepad++. open the file with notepad++ and Encode > Convert to UTF8. then save it. –  Gokhan Ozturk May 23 '11 at 9:48

Maybe I cannot answer exactly to what you are asking but I can give a few general tips cause I use utf-8 my self.

  1. Try entering this character by hand from some client (heidisql is a free one).

  2. When I worked with GET things didn't work well but with htmlencode, htmlspecialchars.. with such functions it works fine.

  3. Later I only worked with POST so no encoding required and I have implemented an utf-8 autocomplete that works fine.

I thing it is worth to try the encoding thing and var_dump sql just before insert in order to make sure what is entered.

  1. In some complex situtation quotes stored in variables have come very handy to me, for example:

    $dbq="\""; $sql=$dbq .'some sql '. $dbq;

I work with PHP PDO and never had a problem with utf-8 so far. Hope any of this is of some help!

I forgot.. you said codeIgniter.. entering a value by hand will assure you at least where to focus, db or framework (luckily I use mine mvc). Just try to get very inside into the mvc code and see what does sql look like just before insertion.

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Try this before inserting record in databse.

$this->db->db_set_charset('latin1', 'latin1_swedish_ci');

// -> latin1- Charset & 
// -> latin1_swedish_ci - Collation

Make sure you have same setting in DB for table as well as for table column.

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