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I just began re-studying java after graduating college 5years ago... so, much of the syntex in java looks unfamiliar. I was wondering what getIntent().getData() means from the following line:

Cursor cursor = managedQuery(getIntent().getData(), PROJECTION,
null, null, NoteColumns.DEFAULT_SORT_ORDER);

I remember calling methods by: methodName(); and if I was to call a method in a different class I would use: someClass.methodName(); But, I can't recall how this works: methodName().methodName().

I've searching the web for answers, but had no luck.

thanks in advance. ;)

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That is simply a chained method invocation. getData() is being called on the object returned by getIntent().

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Thanks alot!! This is exactly what I was wondering.. i kind of guessed that's what it was, but I just wanted to be 100% sure. thanks. –  dts316 May 21 '11 at 23:15

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