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Prefix: I'm very new to maven so I am open to "your doing it wrong" answers.

I want to build a kundera project with MongoDB as the backend. I tried these directions but ended up with a kundera without the Document class. I was trying this tutorial that I got from this answer, and came to the conclusion that the version of kundera in that jar did not have mongo support. So I built kundera from svn and did a mvn install. I want to know what mvn command or what edits to the pom.xml file I must make to add the kendera jar I just installed to my local maven repository as a dependency to another maven project.

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Please add this into your pom under the <repositories> section.

        <name>Kundera Public Missing Resources Repository</name>

And add a depedency like:


into your pom.xml That should solve yuour problem.

You can join this forum for discussions related to Kundera: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kundera-discuss

Regards, Amresh

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Thanks, I will try that. Is their no mvn command to add a dependency from a local repository? This seems like a manual step that could be eliminated. –  Justin Dearing Jun 14 '11 at 14:05

I doubt if there is any such plugin available with maven. Unfortunately you need to do it manually.

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