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In smarty templates you can use raw PHP code in a template by placing it within the "literal" template tag:


echo 'hello world';


How can you use raw python code in a Django template?

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You can't, that's why you have to create custom template tag which runs the functionality. Here's more information on how to do that:

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You cannot use python code in django template. This is by design, Django's idea of template is to isolate the presentation logic from the programming code.

Django documentation states :

Django’s template engine provides a powerful mini-language for defining the user-facing layer of your application, encouraging a clean separation of application and presentation logic

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he just need a hack – CodeFarmer Apr 14 at 1:47

You can't. Like most sane template engines, Django's doesn't allow that (not that I'm saying that Django is sane or anything...).

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LOL on the last note :D – Dhaivat Pandya May 22 '11 at 0:56

You cannot. However, there are things like Mako that let you do that, but, mostly its a good idea to keep your logic (i.e. python) away from templates.

In fact, some templates only allow variable substitution.

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You can use verbatim tag in Django 1.5 onwards as follows:

{% verbatim myblock %}
    Avoid template rendering via the {% verbatim %}{% endverbatim %} block.
{% endverbatim myblock %}
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