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I am new to Jquery Mobile and attempting to learn it as I redevelop this mobile site. So I am doing all my navigation with different divs with data-role="page". and navigating with the #pagename. My question being doing my navigation this way how do I use the loading message and wait to make the transition until the next page is loaded? I tried putting the $.mobile.pageLoading() in the onClick attribute of the link but that didn't work.

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Using JQM 1.0 beta 1




This method is also the accepted way to do it in the official 1.0 release.

mobile.showPageLoadingMsg ()

Show the page loading message, which is configurable via $.mobile.loadingMessage. Example:

//cue the page loader 

$.mobile.hidePageLoadingMsg ()

Hide the page loading message, which is configurable via $.mobile.loadingMessage. Example:

//cue the page loader           
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The documentation is here (at the bottom) but yeah it's a little vague on examples.

This might help you out:

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Being new to AJAX and JQuery the lack of quality examples in their documentation leaves me confused from time to time sadly. – rajh2504 May 23 '11 at 15:07

In jQuery mobile 1.4.5 the only thing that helped me is: $('.ui-loader').hide();

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