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I have a dropdown form for one to select their graduation year --

graduation = forms.ChoiceField(choices=[(x,str(x)) for x in graduation_range])

How would I add an additional field and make that the default selection/display? For example, something like "Select Year".

Currently, I'm doing --

graduation_range = range(1970,2015)
graduation_range.append('Select Year')

But it seems there must be a more straight-forward way to do this. Thank you.

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Just add:

(u'', u'Select Year')  # First element will be the `value` attribute.


choices = [(u'', u'Select Year')]
choices.extend([(unicode(year), unicode(year)) for year in range(1970, 2015)])
graduation = forms.ChoiceField(choices=choices)

BTW, I used unicode because you were using str, but in practice a year field should probably be an integer, since all years are integers.

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