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It asks me to verify my credit cart. How much $s I have to load to my credit cart from my bank account for that?

(Note: When I'm going to shop on internet, and lets say there is something for 3.90$ I load 4$ to my credit cart then I proceed to shopping. There lefts 0.10$ and I'm reloading 0.10$ from my credit to my bank account so that no one will be able to get that 0.10$ even if they know my credit cart information, coz you know it is emty now.)

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Facebook will not charge your credit card if you add it to your account..

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ok this is what you should basically be having in your account

  1. atleast 10 friends.
  2. a verified phone number.
  3. atleast 5 photos.
  4. Some posts.
  5. fill in basic information ie.location ,hometown.

just the basics.If still stuck submit a ticket to facebook developer team am sure they will be of help

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