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I need to do an image smoothing, I have an low quality image and I need to convert it to a little higher quality just making soft edges or something like that. does anyone know how can I do it ? or where can I find information about ?

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More information is required to provide useful answers. Please post a sample image at least. –  Mr.Wizard May 22 '11 at 6:52

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If you have a low quality image, there is nothing really you can do to change this. However, there are certain things that could work for you, depending on your needs/original pictures etc.

For instance, a fake way of producing anti-aliasing to soften lines, is to create the image in 4x the size, and then downscale it to your wanted size.

You could try to add a sharpen-filter.

You could try to add a soft Gaussian blur filter.

You could try to detect edges.

You could try to use several of the techniques above, then overlay the images with an alpha value. I personally like the effect of using a 10x10 convolution matrix to create a soft Gaussian blur, then overlay this with 50% opacity on top of the original. This creates a kind of a dreamy look.

You seem to ask a simple question to a complex problem and want a simple answer. I'm sorry, but there is none.


I went through one of my old digital image processing books and you should perhaps take a look at homomorphic filtering (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homomorphic_filtering). It's a technique used for contrast enhancement and brightness normalizing, applied in the FFT domain. Some of the pictures in my textbook are quite astoundingly improved.

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+1 Especially for the complex/simple comment. –  Andrew Thompson May 22 '11 at 3:30
There definitely are no one-fits-all solution to this problem. –  coobird May 22 '11 at 3:31

You should look at these sample images to see what is possible with advanced scaling algorithms. If you find a method that appears to suit your application, you could ask specifically about implementing it.

Another approach is that of Vector Magic. It can produce remarkably high quality results with some images. Implementing something like this will be nontrivial, to say the least, but I believe there is a commercial API.

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Without delving into the effectiveness in softening the edges to your image processing problem, have a look at Jhlabs library. Also take a look at opencv.

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You should also investigate Convolution and the various matrices that can be used. Some of these do sharpening, blurring, etc.

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ConvolveOp works great indeed. Here is an example: jhlabs.com/ip/blurring.html –  David Dossot Nov 9 at 22:47

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