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I use a unit of work pattern a lot in my flex projects. I'll have a class that might call a web service, put the data in a sqlite db, refresh a model with the data then raise an event.

I usually call these inline and pass in some singleton classes:

protected function CareerSynced():void
        var process:ProcessWorkouts = new ProcessWorkouts(_dataModel, _trainerModel, _databaseCache, _database.Conn);
        process.addEventListener("AllWorkoutsProcessed", AllWorkoutsProcessed);

I'll then get the response like this:

private function AllWorkoutsProcessed(event:DataReceivedEvent):void
    //do something here 

My question is, am I adding that event listener correctly? I think I might be causing a memory leak, but I'm not sure. I've also thought about using a weak reference. I'm confused about when to use them. Would this be one of those cases?

Should it be like this?

process.addEventListener("AllWorkoutsProcessed", AllWorkoutsProcessed,false, 0, true);

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I would either go with the weak reference or just remove the listener:

private function AllWorkoutsProcessed(event:DataReceivedEvent):void

I could list out my reasons but I'll just point you to this.

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