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I am looking for a Odbc library for Fortran (gFortran/Win). There was one product available by the name f90SQL but its now discontinued. I don't want write my own API wrapper for Odbc that would take alot of time is there any opensource or even a product that would provide that service.

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A quick google came up with several options:

I don't know if any of these are suitable, but some are open source and you should be able to adapt to your needs.

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I know I'm excavating an old question but it pops up in google search.

It is only flibs/odbc that is free software among those Oded mentioned. It lacks some nice features like column binding and it generally enforces its own API. I took an effort to generate Fortran 2003 C bindings directly from ODBC headers. fodbc is far from being complete. But simple example with sqlite3 works for me so far. It looks like tests with MS Access reading and MS Excel writing do well.

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