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Anyone who's done anything much with PHP and receiving rich-text input from something like TinyMCE has (probably) used something like HTMLPurifier to keep the nasties out of the HTML you're intentionally allowing the user to submit.

For example, HTMLPurifier will take a string of (potentially malformed) HTML and strip out disallowed elements and attributes, try to fix broken HTML, and in some cases convert things like <i> to <em>.

Does anything equivalent exist for Rails (3)? What's the generally accepted way to sanitize input from rich text editors in Rails so that you can output the unescaped HTML onto a web page and know that stuff like <style> and <script> tags have been taken out of it and it's not going to break your page (or steal your cookies!)?

EDIT | Anybody used Sanitize? Any other options with pro's & con's?

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Try hpricot. github.com/hpricot/hpricot –  Shreyas May 22 '11 at 7:44

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You can use the sanitize method.


There is also a Sanitize gem.


I tend to prefer the Sanitize gem because it can be used as a before_save filter in your models instead of having to use the sanitize method in each of your views.

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Thanks! You can actually invoke sanitize with ActionController::Base.helpers.sanitize("html here") too, from inside a controller, not the model. –  d11wtq May 22 '11 at 8:01

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