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I am querying a database field that returns a money value, I am assigning this to a string but it is adding extra 00 on the end.

e.g. Query returns 30.00

I assign this to a string (string value = Convert.ToString(ReturnValue);) but when I output it, it is showing as 30.0000

Can you advise me where I'm going wrong and the best way to approach this?

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What is the .NET type of the variable that you are getting back from your database (before you convert to string)? –  Richard Everett Mar 3 '09 at 23:38
The OP can use the string formatting codes, that's what they are there for. –  Ed S. Mar 3 '09 at 23:46

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You can use string format codes in your ToString call.

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My best advice would be to convert it to a double using the SqlMoney type. From there, you can output it however you would like!

Here's an example:

System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlMoney ReturnValue;

//Set your returnValue with your SQL statement
ReturnValue = ExecuteMySqlStatement();

//Get the format you want

string currencyFormat = ReturnValue.ToDouble().ToString("c");

string otherFormat = ReturnValue.ToDouble().ToString("0.00");

For more formatting options, check out the MSDN:


Best of luck, I hope this helps.

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I'd use something like

string value = ReturnValue.ToString("0.00");

This uses the ToString overload that accepts a format string. The above format string "0.00" specifies two decimal places.

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Do you want your string formatted using a currency character?

If so...

decimal m = 3.4;

string s = string.Format("{0:c}", m);

// s will be £3.40, $3.40, etc depending on your locale settings
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Try this:

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In SQLServer a money data type is the equivalent of a decimal with 4 decimal places of precision. I would assume this is precision is conserved when the decimal is converted to a string. The best option would be to always use a format string eg "#,##0.00" when doing the conversion.

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The Money data type has a precision of 4 decimal places. You'll need to either specify the format in the ToString() arguments or you can round off the value before converting to a string.

If you use .ToString() you're not getting any rounding as far as I know. I think you just lose the digits.

If you round, you're not just chopping off digits. Here's a sample for rounding (untested code):

string value = Math.Round(ReturnValue, 2).ToString();
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