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Lets say you make a game engine, and you have several GameObjects and every GameObject have a list of components that you can add or remove.

Lets say there is a MeshComponent who has vertices, normals etc. If several GameObjects have the same MeshComponent, there will be a lot of memory waste. Of course there are many ways to implements this but I want some good advice how to solve this? How do components share data that is not going to be modified?

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Static classes? Does your language support those? –  Cody Gray May 22 '11 at 8:38
The language is C++ so its supported, but is it the best way to implement? Then you have to do a mesh component for every different mesh? –  Merni May 22 '11 at 8:41

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C++ does not have static classes.

If several GameObjects have the same MeshComponent, there will be NO memory waste. Because, of course, it is the same MeshComponent...

You will waste memory if you have many copies of the MeshComponent which conceptually should be identical.

If many GameObjects need to refer to the same MeshComponent then they should each hold a (smart) pointer to the same MeshComponent.

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