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In my lua script I need to call a function which takes an arbritary number of arguments with, well, an arbitrary number of arguments…

I am building up my arguments as a table as I cant know how many arguments there will be.

Sample code:

local result = call.someFunc();
local arguments = {}

for k,v in pairs(result) do

-- here I would like to somehow pass the whole table and each item in the table
-- is then passed as a single argument to "someOtherFunc"
call.someOtherFunc(arguments[1], arguments[2], arguments[3] ....) 

I am pretty new to lua, in PHP e. g. I would use call_user_func_array – is there something similiar in lua?

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foo(unpack(arguments)) is equivalent to foo(arguments[1], arguments[2], ...).

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Thanks! That worked. I´ll accept this answer as soon as the system lets me. ;-) –  Max May 22 '11 at 8:56

The long answer can be found on the Lua Users' Wiki.

This covers everything including trailing nil arguments.

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Just pass the table as the argument. No need to split it up into single arguments, just have the function loop through the table.

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