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What i want is a git web interface which can show a limited set of information about my git repo. For example, i don't want the source code to be available, but i do want the git log to be.

Is there any git web solution which can be customized for this usecase?

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You could run "git log" in cron, and send the output somewhere useful... or use a git hook to trigger an update script –  Paul May 22 '11 at 9:44

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Thanks for the responses, i ended up with going for something more heavyweight.


Its highly customizable, and i could set rules for which user groups should and shouldn't be able to see the source code.

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You can:

  • take GitWeb or Cgit, which are simple cgi programs.
  • put a perl script acting as the main cgi (directive Apache: DirectoryIndex: myScript.pl)
  • make that perl call the git web cgi:
my $output=`./cgit.cgi\` 
my $output=`./gitweb.pl`
  • parse the result of that output to remove any link to the source code part.

That way, you control exactly what you want to display, based on existing web interfaces.

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