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I'm working on a rails 3.1 engine, and as it's a brand new release and I'm working off of edge, I didn't expect things to go perfectly. I can't seem to get my engine to see the db:test:prepare task when I run bundle exec rake -T

I'm using rake 0.8.7 and edge rails. If I try to require the dummy application's Rakefile, I get

undefined method 'prerequisites' for nil:NilClass on line 7 of spec/dummy/Rakefile

Line 7 of my Rakefile in spec/dummy/ is Dummy::Application.load_tasks

My research so far has brought me to which corresponds with databases.rake in Active Record.

How do I get the db:test:prepare task into my engine?

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Looks like is the answer.

The reason being is that it guards against calling prerequisites on nil and will work with Rails 3.1 RC (or edge at this moment in time).

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Brilliant @Omar. The timing of these posts are insane. Rails 3.1 gets lauched, I fiddle with it, a few hours later the fix pops up in a blog post. Thank you. – SpaceGhost May 22 '11 at 11:11

I think you have to prefix with app, so rake app:db:test:prepare, or just rake app:test:prepare.

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As far as I know, then it's just called rake test:prepare in rails 3.1

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It's called that, but how do I get that task into my engine? It's currently sitting in Active Record, and my dummy app Rakefile gives an error when I try to load it. So I can't really get the task. – SpaceGhost May 22 '11 at 11:08

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