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I need to reroute a url here. I'm using teh end framework and need to set up some basic static pages here. LIke privacy policy, advertise etc - however the problem is that I need to create a controller for each and every page here. Thats not much of an issue but I was wondering if its possibel for me to set it up so:


would be rerouted to


Might sound like a non issue but would like to know

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For every static page, you can add a route for it in your application.ini. For example, for mysite.com/privacy/index you can do:

resources.router.routes.privacy.route = "/privacy/index"
resources.router.routes.privacy.defaults.module = default
resources.router.routes.privacy.defaults.controller = pages
resources.router.routes.privacy.defaults.action = privacy

More about routing in ZF is in the ZF's manual. Hope this helps

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From my experience I would STRONGLY discourage creating custom routes if not 100% needed (exception be urls with keywords for products or CMS generated pages). We wanted to our ecommerce solution to have nice urls like /about-us/ instead of /pages/about-us/, but it's PITA to add any more features, as you had to add new route for every such thing. We currently have like 25 custom routes. You can never tell what the hack the url is because standard-url like producer/index is routed from something like producers.

If you still want it, follow Marcin's answer :)

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