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I'd like to support very large worlds in the game that I'm making. This is not a problem usually, because I can cull most of the world as it is not visible all at once. However, Box2D doesn't seem to like my idea!

My terrain currently consists of about 1000 edge shapes. This alone seems to work fine, however: Even after I add only a few (~25) dynamic objects (small circles), the performance is decreasing dramatically!

  • Why does this happen, the dynamic tree should cancel out all unaffected static terrain shapes very early and without performance penalties, shouldn't it?
  • (How) can I work around this?
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I believe this problem has been taken care of in the Box2D svn. You probably can't work around it, other than updating your Box2D code with the latest. – iforce2d Jun 16 '11 at 10:26

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