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We're using ClearCase, integrated with VS2008.

Problem is, adding new files into my own personal view will not be reflected when i push (check in) changes.

I have to manually add all new files/projects/items into source control and then check them in.

Is there any way to automatically be able to get all new items into source control?

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If your current solution has been added to ClearCase (provided the runtime security level in .NET allows it), then simply adding files within a snapshot view part of Visual Studio project won't version those files:
they will still be considered private, until you "add them to source control".

If you have many new files, you can find them with this answer "How do I determine what files in my ClearCase local view have not yet been added to source control?": depending on your ClearCase version, this will be more reliable than the integrated solution (as described in this IBM technote for CC,

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Awesome, thanks! – lysergic-acid May 22 '11 at 20:10

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