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I want to know how can I add numbers from one table field to another for example, I have:

Table name = Game: 

opponent1(name of row) vs. opponent 2    -  score1 = 25 - score2 =  20

I would like table "team" to update automatically with the following:

Table name = Teams: 


  Points in favor = 25
  Points against  = 20

Opponent 2: 

   Points in favor = 20
  Points against  = 25

What would be a code for that? Could it be (has some pseudocode):

  • If score1 bigger than score2
    • Add score1 to "pointsfavor" field in table "team" to opponent1
    • And add $score2 to "pointsagainst" in table "team" to opponent1

Can someone help me please?

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Assuming that your tables have the following structure:

TABLE team
  id integer autoincrement primary key,
  name varchar,
  pointsfavor integer,
  pointscontra integer

TABLE game
  id integer autoincrement primary key,
  team1_id integer,
  team2_id integer,
  score1 integer, /*score for team1*/
  score2 integer /*score for team2*/

Your update statement might look something like this:

UPDATE team 
INNER JOIN game g1 ON (team.id = g1.team1_id)
INNER JOIN game g2 ON (team.id = g2.team2_id)
SET pointsfavor = pointsfavor 
      + IF(g1.score1 > g1.score2, g1.score1 - g1.score2, 0) 
      + IF(g2.score2 > g2.score1, g2.score2 - g2.score1, 0)
  , pointscontra = pointscontra 
      + IF(g1.score1 < g1.score2, g1.score2 - g1.score1, 0) 
      + IF(g2.score2 < g2.score1, g2.score1 - g2.score2, 0)
WHERE game.id = 10;
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thnx! .. what does this do: WHERE game.id = 10;? –  Norman May 22 '11 at 13:24
It only updates the score for game number 10, if you don't add a where clause it will keep on updating scores it has already processed, but if you update the scores as soon as a game is finished you don't need to keep track which games have had their scores processed. –  Johan May 22 '11 at 13:26
so in game.id = "10" I substitute for "$ID" right? –  Norman May 22 '11 at 13:33
@Norman, exactly –  Johan May 22 '11 at 14:18
So in game.id = "10" I substitute for "$ID" right? I'll reply for Johan, yes! (assuming that your "$ID" is actually the game table's id and not say, the team table's id, totally different things). Not a criticism, but DO learn basic SQL, you'll appreciate it soon enough... –  virtualeyes May 22 '11 at 14:28

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