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I'll be getting text from a user that I need to validate is a Chinese character.

Is there any way I can check this?

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Checking if a string contains only valid Chinese characters is not the same as to say this is in Chinese. Obviously you can write nonsensical string of Chinese characters. But I'm also thinking about language that shares a lot of characters with Chinese (Japanese, old Korean text). See CJK unification. My two cents. –  Po' Lazarus May 23 '11 at 14:00

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According to the information provided here in unicode website you can find the block of Chinese or any other language and then implement a parser to check if a word is in the range or no. just like

public bool IsChinese(string text)
    return text.Any(c => c >= 0x20000 && c <= 0xFA2D);

Note that

As a handy reference, the Unicode Consortium here provides a search interface to the Unicode Hàn (漢) Database (Unihan).

The database link I'd provided above is showing you the characters

let me know if your problem resolved or no

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0x20000 is larger than 0xfa2d. How comes the condition c >= 0x20000 && c <= 0xFA2D ? –  cxwangyi Nov 17 '14 at 1:45

You can use regular expression:

private static readonly Regex cjkCharRegex = new Regex(@"\p{IsCJKUnifiedIdeographs}");
public static bool IsChinese(this char c)
    return cjkCharRegex.IsMatch(c.ToString());

Then, you can use:

if (sometext.Any(z=>z.IsChinese()))
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Just check the characters to see if the codepoints are in the desired range(s). For exampe, see this question:

What's the complete range for Chinese characters in Unicode?

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You need to query the Unicode Character Database, that contain info on every unicode character. There probably is a utility function in C# that can do this for you. Otherwise you can download it off the internet.

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