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I have 2 tables which are connected using master-detail connection. I need the connection reversed on creation of Form2 - so the master table becomes the detail table, and the detail table becomes the master table.

I tried doing this, and the program compiles, but doesn't work the way I want it to (the previous connection breaks, but it's not reversed, so the program kinda works like the tables aren't connected at all):

    Form1.ADOTableMaster.MasterSource :=  Form1.DataSourceDetail;
    Form1.ADOTableMaster.MasterFields := 'the_field_that_connects_them';

Any ideas on how I might achieve this?

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Don't destroy the MasterSource!

In order to break the relationship do

Form1.ADOTableDetail.MasterSource:= nil;
Form1.ADOTableDetail.MasterFields:= '';

than use this to reroute the MasterDetail

Form1.ADOTableMaster.MasterSource :=  Form1.DataSourceDetail;
Form1.ADOTableMaster.MasterFields := 'the_field_that_connects_them';

Also never call .Destroy directly, use .Free instead.
Free does an extra check to see if the reference you are Freeing is not nil, preventing some Access Violations.

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Great! It works, thank you! And thanks for the advice! :D –  Radiant May 22 '11 at 14:50
@Radiant, thanks for re-accepting my answer, you seem torn between the two :-). Damn now I've got that annoying song in my head. –  Johan May 23 '11 at 22:09
Hehe. No problem. Yes, I really was torn between which one I should accept - it's the hard part of being a StackOverflow user :D Anyways, I accepted your answer again, because NGLN's code gave me false sense of security. It could swap the relations only once, which I didn't notice. In the end I endedup writing my own sucky version of the code. I thank you both again, though! :D –  Radiant May 23 '11 at 22:22
procedure TForm1.ExchangeMasterDetail;
  ADOTableMaster.MasterFields := ADOTableDetail.IndexFieldNames;
  ADOTableMaster.IndexFieldNames := ADOTableDetail.MasterFields;
  ADOTableDetail.IndexFieldNames := '';
  ADOTableDetail.MasterFields := '';
  ADOTableDetail.MasterSource := nil;
  ADOTableMaster.MasterSource := DataSourceDetail;
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+1 Nice copy pastable code. –  Johan May 22 '11 at 14:56
Wow I tried this one now, and it's actually more flexible! Thanks! –  Radiant May 22 '11 at 15:25

Just set the Master table Active propriety to false.

Then do what you wanna todo and set it back to true.

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