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I'm going to deploy a django app on a shared hosting provider. I installed my own python in my home, it works fine. My promblem comes with the installation of PIL, i have no support for JPEG after the compile process.

I know that the compiler dont find "libjpeg", so i tried to install it at my home, i download the tar.gz and compile it with

./configure -prefix=$HOME/lib
 make install

after i put the path in my.bashrc file.

After all i re-compile PIL and still no have the jpeg support.

It is possible to have the libs installed in a shared hosted enviroment? How would I do this?

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why do you think you have to compile anything? – hasen Mar 5 '09 at 9:20
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Does the machine actually have libjpeg available on it?

Look for /usr/lib/, and /usr/include/jpeglib.h; they may possibly be in a different lib and include directory. If you can't find them you'll have to also download and compile libjpeg into your home (typically prefix ~/.local).

Then you'll need to add the ‘lib’ path to the ‘library_dirs’ variable and the ‘include’ to ‘include_dirs’ in PIL's (eg. just under “# add standard directories”), to get it to notice the availability of libjpeg.

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I'm not sure where your problem comes from,

you can use PIL without compiling anything! just drop the folder in a place that's in PYTHONPATH, and you're all set.

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err? PIL is not going to be much use without the _imaging backend module (libImaging). This is written in C and must be compiled, unless you happen to have downloaded a precompiled binary like the Windows builds. – bobince Mar 6 '09 at 14:12

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