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I have an application that displays png pictures with opengles (2D) but it sometimes crashes leaving no errors in the log.

The only thing I get is a warning message "Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notification to pid 6259 uid 10080" (random numbers)

I display pictures by running through a vector of pictures, if I add objects statically, it works but I need to add them randomly, by using "vector.add(new Pict())" and it crashes around the glDrawElements function

I tried debugging with dev tools, it works fine in debugging mode but not in real time, is there any other way for debugging? (gl debugging flags crashes too)

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It seems that dynamic memory allocation is more expensive that keeping useless objects in memory, well, switching into static allocation, 1 object/mesh and recycle killed meshes works fine, even on emulator. Moral : gc is useful when it's useless =D

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