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Hi I want to create a chrome extension so that when the user is on the page example1.com he would automatically be redirected to example2.com even before the page loads. this should work whether or not the user types in the url or goes there through a link.

Please help me in this!


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In background page:

chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener(function(tabId, changeInfo, tab) {
    if(tab.url.indexOf("http://example1.com") == 0 && changeInfo.status == "loading") {
        chrome.tabs.update(tabId, {url: "http://example2.com"});
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wonder if there is an extension that does this already. I was also looking around for such a solution; quite similar to ( I think; not sure ) foxyproxy in firefox. It had a regex based rewrite configuration, which was dead handy! –  ϹοδεMεδιϲ Jul 6 '11 at 17:27
@CodeMedic Try to ask it on superuser. –  serg Jul 6 '11 at 17:36

You don't need an extension for this. Just redirect example1.com to the IP of example2.com, then create a virtualhost on example2's server wich will reverse proxy the requests to the live host.

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There is clearly a use-case for @user764894 's question. What if you do not have control on the servers. You are just a user who access a server on a corporate network that resolves as something.com when inside the network and something.company.com when outside the network ( VPN ) ? It does need a client based solution; i.e browser extensions. –  ϹοδεMεδιϲ Jul 6 '11 at 17:22

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