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I'm trying to download Flickr videos using the Flickr API. The following URL downloads 3685555296_mobile.mp4


Right now I'm using URLLoader (BINARY data format) to download and write the video to disk. Is there a way to find the extension of the video before writing it to disk? I need this to construct custom names for the video file.

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From what I read in this thread. The file type info is sent in the "Content-Disposition" section of the MIME header.

So I figure by using the contentType property of the URLRequest class you should be able to determine the file-type of the incoming file.

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For both PROGRESS and COMPLETE event the urlrequest.contentType is null. –  Yeti May 22 '11 at 15:39
You could also try listening for HTTPStatusEvent on the URLLoader. The event has a property responseHeaders which may contain the content-type. –  jmathew May 22 '11 at 16:26

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