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Is it possible to generate arbitrary where condtions SQL query through Jdbc template:


If i pass value for 1 parameter (only name) : search by name

"select * from address where shopname = ?";

If i pass value for 2 parameter (name and city) - search by shopname and city:

"select * from address where shopname = ? and city = ?";

I have mupliple search fields. 7 fields. If user enters any combination. i have search only based on parameter. How to dynamically pass the parameters to the sql. Need snippet/Example how to achieve this.

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what you want is some sort of criteria building api, which hibernate has. Unfortunately, I don't think Spring's JdbcTemplate has any such facility. Others will correct me if I'm wrong...

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If Scala is an option to you, the query could be constructed with something like this:

case class Search(shopname:String, city:String = None) {
 def sql = "select * from address where shopname = '"+shopname+"'" + city.map(" and city = '"+
      _ +"'").getOrElse("")  

Example usage:

Search("lloh", Some("Austin")).sql
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I'm not familiar with Scala, but from the String concatenation in this suggested approach I'd suggest avoiding this approach to avoid the possibility of SQL Injection attacks. –  Kevin Hooke Nov 7 '12 at 23:44
That would be very unsafe due to SQL Injection risks. –  BrianC May 22 at 23:39

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