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I binded my column (Status) to value. But I need to show image for each values. For example, Status column has values : 0, 1, 2, 0, 1, 1,0 So, for each values should correspond to the image. I want to see not value, but image!!! How I can do this ? please help me.

            <Setter Property="FrameworkElement.Visibility" Value="Collapsed"/>
    <GridViewColumn Header="ID" Width="0" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding ID}" />
    <GridViewColumn Header="Login" Width="90" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Login}" />
    <GridViewColumn Width="65" Header="Status" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding UserStatus}">

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You might need to use the Itemtemplate

An example can be found here

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ok. thanks. But If value can change in runtime, so than image should change too – user763797 May 22 '11 at 17:50
Why this implementation did not work? My converter does not work <GridViewColumn Width="65" Header="Status" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding UserStatus}"> <GridViewColumn.CellTemplate> <DataTemplate> <Image Source="{Binding Converter={StaticResource MyConverter}}" /> </DataTemplate> </GridViewColumn.CellTemplate> </GridViewColumn> – user763797 May 22 '11 at 18:02

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